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What's Cooking in Begin's Cafe



Soup and Salad

Soup Bar

We provide a variety of nutritious soups from our extensive Soup Bar, which are prepared fresh daily.

Salad Bar

  • Every item in our salad bar is freshly prepared.
  • We serve about 25 kinds of fresh vegetables or freshly prepared salads on our salad bar.
  • We provide 5 kinds of the most popular regular and low cal dressings.
  • We serve a variety of fresh cut or whole fruits.
  • We have a variety of sliced cheeses and sliced turkey for guests who would like to have meat with their salad or make their own sandwich.
  • Dates, bacon bits, sunflower seeds and other nuts are also available on our salad bar.
  • We sell our salads from our Salad Bar by weight at 47 cents per ounce.