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What's Cooking in Begin's Cafe







Hot Sandwiches
All grilled sandwiches come with a choice of side fruit or French fries.

French Dip

Tender slices of roast beef on a French roll served with Au Jus sauce.


Philly Cheese

Thin slices of beef grilled with onions and bell peppers topped with Swiss cheese, served on a French roll.


Hot Pastrami

Thin slices of grilled pastrami served with mustard and dill pickle chips on a French roll.


Grilled Cheese

Thick slices of American or Swiss cheese grilled on your choice of bread.


Grilled Ham and Cheese

Grilled smoked ham with melted cheese on your choice of bread.


Tuna Melt

Our tuna salad with American, Swiss, or Cheddar cheese grilled on your choice of bread.



2 crispy strips of bacon with lettuce, tomato, and mayo on your choice of bread.


BLT Avocado

Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich with sliced avocado.